Sunday, January 23, 2011

Summer is for Sailing!

One of my favorite activities is sailing Hobie catamarans.  A while back I purchased an old 1973 Hobie 14 for a song off craigslist.  I've sailed this boat all summer at Surfside, TX, Lake Somerville, TX and finally at the Texas City Dike.  The Dike just reopened this year as it had been damaged a couple of years ago by a hurricane.  I was finding out all too quickly what I already knew.  I'm too big for a Hobie 14.  I had to set in the middle of the trampoline to fly a hull and I would never be able to trapeze off the side without turning the boat over.

I watched Craigslist like a hawk.  I even got the iPhone app that let me create a search that gave me notices of new listings.  Then one Saturday morning I found it.  It was a 1990 model Hobie 16 in Austin, TX.  Off I went and bought my next toy.

More fun awaits!!

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