Sunday, February 20, 2011

My First sail of 2011

There's a new fleet is in town.  It's Hobie Fleet 33 / Surfside Sailing.  I'm a member of the recently reinstated Fleet 33.  Check the fleet website to learn more.

We decided it was time to hit the beach and go sailing. (Floyd says it was Todd's idea)  Friday was in the 70's and sunny, so why not sail on Saturday.

 I hooked up the boat to the wifes 4x4 Toyota Tundra and dropped her and the kids off at her mother's house in Lake Jackson while I continued on to Surfside Beach at the 10 Mile location (Beach Access #6).   After crossing the bridge to Surfside I contacted Floyd and he said they were waiting for the fog to clear and to join them at Franks home "The Hide Out".

Some time after noon we all headed off to the 10 mile spot and prepared to hit the water.  The fog was heavy still and the temperature was cool.  We suited up in the wet suits and rigged the boats.  Floyd's boat took at turn for the worst as they raised his mast.  The mast twisted to the side and broke the base.  His boat was out for the day.  So I rigged my boat and Todd rigged his and we took to the Gulf of Mexico.

Fog was so heavy we would loose sight of each other at about 50 yards distance.  Also, we could not see the beach once we got out past the breaking waves.  I had my iPhone 4 in a dry bag and we turned it on to Google Maps to navigate back to the starting location.  VHF radios were handy for communications with the other boat.

Here is Todd's Nacra Inter 17.

What a blast!  Fun in the fog and cold.