Sunday, January 23, 2011

I need a new MINI.

On May 24, 2010 I was driving to a sales appointment when I stopped at a traffic light waiting behind others and in my rear view mirror I see a Dodge Ram truck headed straight for me with no intention of slowing down.....brace myself and hold the brake tight.....CRASH...I've been rear-ended!

The MINI has sustained thousands of dollars worth of damage.  Time to new up!  So shopping I went and upgraded to a 2007 MINI Cooper S Sidewalk addition.  It was tough to let go of the Orange MINI "Nemo" as it was a close family friend ever since we ordered it from the MINI factory just how we wanted.

But, it was nice to get a newer car with more power, fewer miles and heated leather seats.  Perfect for winter topless cruising.

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  1. Cool Hobie posts. I am trying to find decals for my 16. Any chance you want to sell a set of similar decals? Hulls are about done. Removed decals, did a little repair work and just need topside gelcoat. New bottom edge is done. Pat
    McDonnell In Raleigh NC 910-638-3400 or