Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Lotus Elise did not come with a cup holder!

But it has one now!  I got a used Sector 111 - Darth Cup Holder from an eBay auction (half price).  It uses the area in the side cubby under the headlight switchs to secure in place with the aid of black friction creating sphere (racket  or squash ball).

This cup holder is somewhat in the way for a me when getting in and out, so it is easy to remove and store when not being used.

The problem is it came with such an ugly storage bag.  This bag looks like something to store SCUBA diving gear in.  Fluorescent too.

Not a problem for me.  Out comes the black canvas duck fabric and it gets hooped up on the Brother embroidering machine for a custom logo and then sewed together. 

Now I have a nice storage bag just for the Darth Cup Holder and I can throw it in the net behind the seats without listening to the aluminum cup holder vibrate against the plastic back panel.

Problem solved and it's a one of a kind!

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