Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I feel like making stuff!

I like to make stuff.  Especially if I can design it on my computer.  So we had a Lotus Club party this past weekend and I needed to bring a gift.  I decided to make a cool lotus clock!  This is from a Walmart picture clock.($16.95)  Only I took it apart and cut a LOST lotus decal and put in the middle and added tire tread vinyl decals around the outside. (My wife got a new Silhouette SD craft cutter for Christmas and I love it!!)
Then I took pictures of different Lotus models and placed them in the photo circles.

My wife also needed to bring a gift so I designed some Lotus embroidery and I put it on a towel and throw blanket. I used our Brother embroidery machineand the PED layout software.  Both gifts were a big hit at the meeting.  I guess I'm just a crafty guy.


  1. You ARE a crafty guy! That's why I married you. Well, that and 'cause your rich.

  2. I'm only rich because I have such a Beautiful Wife!